The Humble Begining

AshanilayaAsha means Hope, Nilaya means Home, Arogya means Health, Dham means Abode.  Asha Nilaya Arogya Dham is a place which gives Hope and provides a Home for the poor and the needy. It is situated at Rangwasa village which is about 12km away from Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. The place is free from noise and pollution. Here you can experience the health of the Nature, love of the young and care of the aged. So we gladly welcome you to our Home of Health and Hope. The centre was established in the year 2000, is a fully equipped Ayurvedic health centre.  It is situated in Rau with a pleasant atmosphere in a calm and quiet place totally away from city noise and air pollution with a lot of open space and fresh air for relaxation.  The freshness and greenery of this place is conducive for recuperating and recovering patients.

Steps of Development

  • Construction of the community block -1998
  • Clinic at Rau and Rajendra Nagar -1999
  • Constructions of the Ayurvedic Hospital -2000
  • Hostel for physically and mentally challenged children- 2001
  • Constructions of the old age home -2003
  • Arrival of the inmates -2004
  • Physiotherapy Centre -2007
  • Ashanilaya website -2009
  • Ceragem treatment -2016


  • Well Furnished rooms with good ventilation.
  • Separate rooms for sick and disabled ones.
  • Well set up dining room & recreation room with T.V.
  • Prayer hall
  • Lift Facilities
  • Outdoor & Indoor games
  • Medical care
  • Music Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation


Ayurvedic Health Centre

Ayurvedic Health Centre



Old Age Home

Old Age Home

Rehabilation of Disabled Children.

Disabled Children-Rehab

Rural Development Prog.

Rural Dev. Programme

Ceragem Treatment

Ceragem Treatment

Inmates are taking part in household activities like room cleaning, partial involvement in cooking, washing their personal clothes by all those who can. As an occupational therapy we engage them with making soap powder, envelope, paper bags, preparing medicated powder, pills etc. Time is scheduled for watching T.V and indoor games, like playing cards, listening to the music, Interaction with residential physically challenged girl children is done.  Yoga, meditation, reading, physiotherapy and talk on personal development and personal hygiene are given.                           


Today’s  society accords top priority to asset-building & children suffering from any handicap or disability are often considered as non-performing hindrances, even by their own families. At Ashanilaya we accommodate & nurture children whom circumstances & society have disadvantaged. DifferentlyAbledThese children are cared for in a loving atmosphere and sent to appropriate schools, so that hopefully they may grow and claim one day their due right to be accepted with dignity as equal members of society.

    In 1999 we stared our project for physically and mentally challenged children, in order to help children to stand on their feet and get recognition in the society.  We help children from the age of 5 to 24 years through.  Education, Medication and rehabilitation as well as Income generating programmes.  The aim of this project is to give differently abled children and young adult a chance for rehabilitation with personalized small scaled and direct help.  In the beginning the centre began with 5 children now it is a big family of 200 and still growing.

About 80% of the children whom we are looking after are from kaneria, Hiimath Nagar, Palda, kurdhi, Mushakhedi, etc...Where there are no schools or medical facilities available.  If the children are not too badly handicapped and a school exists in the village, the children remain with their parents.  But for those needing special schools, e.g. the blind, the deaf and dumb, etc. go to special schools which are situated only in towns and cities.  Multiple disabled children and those who have to undergo surgery or physiotherapy are kept with us at the Centre.  Once in three months we visit the children’s homes to give awareness and counseling to the parents and children who remain in the villages. Once the children leave school, they are given some vocational training in   tailoring, computer education, welding, motor mechanics, etc.

Benefited by the Project

1Physically handicapped, attending school100
2Mentally retarded, who attend special school 25
3Deaf and Dumb 15
5Children undergoing vocational training 10
6Families benefited from I.G.P. Projects.40

A Typical Case Story


Lakshmi, a bright seven year old hails from a remote village beyond khurda. She belongs to a very poor family and is one among the four daughters. She was suffering from a congenital deformity of the spine which caused her to suffer complete absence of strength and sensation in the lower limbs.
She was operated upon for her condition and sent to her parents for post surgical convalescence, but due to some lapse in proper home care at her parent’s home, she developed further complications in the form of contracture of both knees, ankle and right hip. Her family has expressed their inability to look after her and have her in Ashanilaya.
She is undergoing physiotherapy for her condition. She is also being taught to read and write at Ashanilaya.



Would you not like to be a part of our effort to bring healing, comfort, love and joy to the suffering & the needy?  Needless to say that we are a completely non-profit organization and rely on the generosity of our magnanimous donors.

How you can contribute?

You can send your contribution, large or small, by cheque in the name of, Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels.
Donations are eligible for income tax benefits under sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act.


  • A well maintained Herbal garden with about 200 medicinal plants for the purpose of demonstration, preparation of medicines, training and exposure programmes.
  • Food and Accommodation.
  • Library with necessary reading material on Ayurveda and Alterative system of medicines.
    Treatment and clinical experiences.
  • Experienced Resident and “on call” staff {Dr.Sr.Jovita & Dr.Sr.Nirmala.
  • Various herbal medicinal preparations, seedlings and booklets on “Family health kit” for sale.
  • Treatment facilities on outpatient & in patient basis especially for chronic diseases.
  • Training for massage and various methods of treatment.
  • Skill training {preparing recipes and medicines from locally available medicinal herbs for chronic and minor ailments.}