Home Away from home

AgedHome is a place where love, care, wantedness, acceptances and understanding is experienced and natured. We are glad to inform you that we have started such a “Home” for the poor, unwanted and rejected senior ladies at Rangwasa, Indore, and M P.  This is the felt need of the time by the congregation to start A HOME AWAY FROM HOME for such ladies. These ladies are coming from different background, culture and religion.  We are glad to mention here that we have 12 old ladies. They are given food, shelter and clothing.  These ladies are disregarded for their basic human dignity, human values and rights.  The compassionate care is given to them to live peacefully to meet the evening of their life. Occupational therapy, recreation, vocational training, spiritual development and personal development are taken care.

The joint family system so common in India, is supposed to provide social security to members of all ages. Yet sadly, even in such a social setup, there are so many aged people who are unwanted by their own families, once they cease to be productive and become a liability. At Ashanilaya we have a home for the aged, where we provide residence and loving care for such people in the sunset years of their lives.

The old are a section caught in storm, a section witnessing and going through rapid changes, making them look for things to hold on to, they are looking for answers to problems of life, material, moral and spiritual needs.  In this situation love, care and motivation is vital. The physiology and pathology of elderly persons are entirely different from those of young persons.  Hence the health care needs are also individualized, because each one has different age related changes.  Old age problems cannot be avoided but they can be prevented, delayed or lightened through adequate care and love. Old age can also be termed the second childhood because an aged person needs the same amount of care and attention as a child.

Public Opinion

The community feels that there is a place for such kind of people to be accommodated in a human ways.  Though old, yet Public-Opinion-Handsthey are human and able.  The core value of dignity of human person is upheld.  The basic needs of a person are met and they are loved and cared. Opportunity is provided to share their sorrows, joys and to interact with each other. The   young and the old together staying under the same roof is very beneficial for both groups.  The old shower motherly care and love to the young and the young support and help the old.


challengeDue to the various physical and physiological processes of aging, the elderly become highly vulnerable to accident, disease and other psychological problems like deafness, lack of co ordination, confusion, social isolation, loss of spouse and loneliness.  For them continuous individual attention is required.  Depression due to separation from loved ones and thought of unwantedness are the main causes of mental sickness and physical ailments. Hence continuous medical support and counseling are needed due to age factor.


  • To make the old aged persons aware of their Birthright.
  • To enable the people to cope with loneliness, physical and mental ailment.
  • To let the children have a positive attitude towards their parents.
  • To make the old aged people believe that in no way should they suffer in the agony of loneliness or be rejected/unwanted.
  • To motivate the rejected and dejected people and make them to feel that they are able and wanted.
  • Conducting workshops, yoga and meditation and creating awareness in the society so that they may honor God and the creation of God, especially human.
  • To prepare them to face the reality of death peacefully.


Come and dineInmates are taking part in household activities like room cleaning, partial involvement in cooking, washing their personal clothes by all those who can. As an occupational therapy we engage them with making soap powder, envelope, paper bags, preparing medicated powder, pills etc. Time is scheduled for watching T.V and indoor games, like playing cards, listening to the music, Interaction with residential physically challenged girl children is done.
Yoga, meditation, reading, physiotherapy and talk on personal development and personal hygiene are given.


  • Well Furnished rooms with good ventilation.
  • Separate rooms for sick and disabled ones.
  • Well set up dining room & recreation room with T.V.
  • Prayer hall
  • Lift Facilities
  • Outdoor & Indoor games
  • Medical care
  • Music Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation

A Typical Case Story

GauribaiGauri Bai and her husband Murli das were childless couple. They spent their entire life  staying and serving in a temple at Indore. After the death of her husband, she was no longer allowed to stay in the temple. By then she had passed the age of 75 years and had already suffered a stroke which left her paralysed on her left side. She was brought to Ashanilaya by a social worker. Soon after coming to Ashanilaya she had a fall in the bathroom and suffered a fractured hip bone. She was operated upon at Robert's Nursing Home. Now she can move around with the help of a walker. Gauri bai is now without any living relatives and even the social worker who brought her to us has not come to visit her again.


Looking forward to a pleasant interaction with you, we will appreciate any kind of help extended in managing and building up this “HOME”. Visitors and those interested may contact by clicking Here. Per person per month food and medicine expense minimum Rs: 1200. Your help can travel miles to bring smiles on the face of the needy.